ADO Labs is collaborating with some of the industry leading companies, universities, and research institutes to develop core technologies that will shape next generation of optical communication. For more information, contact

Next Generation Optical Packet Switching (OPS) networks require optical receivers that can accommodate complex modulations such as QAM as well as support burst mode operation. ADO Labs balanced TIAs and receivers provide excellent linearity for complex modulation optical signal processing.


40G/100G Ethernet has been proposed as the next generation standard for the ubiquitous Ethernet technology. 100GE will be enabled by 4 parallel  TX/RX optical lanes each operating at 25Gb/s. ADO Labs provide PMD and Gearbox IPs to serve 40/100G Ethernet market.


Silicon Photonics technology has been proposed as the breakthrough chip scale integration platform for optical component fabrication and assembly, with the promise of disruptive scalability in cost and clock speed. At the crux of the Silicon Photonics is the use of Si substrate and CMOS circuit technology. ADO Labs offers a full suite of IPs to enable CMOS-based Silicon photonics platform.


Ever increasing internet network traffic, as well as high data rate multimedia contents such as HD video and high resolution photos are fueling the recent efforts to develop the next generation consumer data link technologies such as Optical Universal Serial Bus (OUSB) and Optical HDMI. ADO Labs offers a full suite of optical TX/RX array IPs for HDMI and Optical USB applications.

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